Thursday, October 31, 2013

Holiday (Planetbox) Lunches

I like to surprise my kids with special holiday-themed lunches, especially when the holiday actually lands on a school day! I try to make the lunches as healthy as possible, but my kids can also be quite picky. Here is what I've come up with!  (And I'll continue to add more as they come!)

Valentines Day
- Heart shaped PB & J sandwich (using a cookie cutter) 
- Heart shaped apple slices (using a smaller heart cookie cutter)
- Heart carrots... cut and held together using a toothpick
- Red grapes
- Pretzels dipped in melted dark chocolate with sprinkles

St. Patty's Day
- Shamrock-shaped ham and cheese sandwich (using a cookie cutter)
- Shamrock-shaped green jello jigglers (using a smaller cookie cutter)
- Green grapes
- Green peas
- Key lime yogart
- Lucky charms

- "Ghost" PB sandwich with marshmallow fluff on top and raisins for the eyes
- "Pumpkin" slice of cheese (I just drew on the plastic with marker)
- "Ghost" banana with chocolate chip eyes
- "Teeth" apple slices with marshmallows, using peanut butter to keep it sticky
- "Spider" crackers with pretzels as legs, raisins as eyes, peanut butter on the inside
-  Sausage slices (to get some meat in there!)
- Candy corn