Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day Hair for Girls

I'm no stylist, but I always try to do something special with my 5-year-old's hair for holidays. Of course, Valentine's Day called for a heart!

1. Pull up half the hair into a ponytail with a clear (or red, pink, white) elastic.  
2. Split that ponytail in two and braid two braids.  
3. Make a hole in the hair above the ponytail holder and push the braids up through and bring them back down and around into a heart shape. 
4. Secure the rest of the hair and the braids with elastic.  Voila!

Valentines Day Art For Kids

Today I have some fun art to share that we made for Valentines Day gifts for the grandparents and godparents!

1. Multi-colored hearts - My 5-year-old did this project with no help from me.  I just gave her a bunch of different paint colors and a thick brush.  All it took was a stroke in each direction that made a heart shape.  She did this, changing paint colors each time.  It took her quite awhile, but turned out great!

2. Hand Swans - My 4-year-old did this piece with help from me.  First, we put her hand prints down.  Then I painted a blue line and had her paint the blue around it for the water.  I did the same for the red heart, letting her fill it in.  Then I let her do the beaks and we used the back of the paint brush to "dot" the eyes.  Cute!

3. Heart Art - This was a craft for my 5-year-old.  First, I sectioned the canvas off into four squares.  Then I had her draw a heart in the center of each square.  Next, I used a ruler and had her draw lines in each square.  Make sure each line goes all the way from top to bottom or one side of the square to another.  Then she did the rest!  She chose two (or multiple) colors for the hearts and then the backgrounds, carefully coloring every other square.

Here is our second attempt, even bigger and better!

4. Hand Hearts Colorblocks - This was for my 4-year-old.  First, I sectioned the canvas into six squares.  We cut out six hearts with painters tape and I had her stick one in the middle of each square.  Then, I had her paint each square, letting her choose the colors herself.  After it dried, we put a black handprint in each square, making sure the taped-off heart was in the middle of the palm.  The last step was taking off the heart-shaped tape and painting the insides.  (Or you could just leave them white!)  Ta-da!

5. Dot-Foot Heart - This was for my 4-year-old.  First, we put her footprints in the middle of the canvas.  Then I helped her paint a purple (her favorite color) heart around the outside.  Then we got out the dot-paints and she went nuts!  When it dried, I wrote the little saying inside the heart.  CUTE!


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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Castle Valentines Box

Stuff needed:
- Two boxes (we used a taco box and a cereal box)
- Empty toilet paper rolls and/or paper towel rolls
- Wrapping paper
- Tape
- Pipe cleaners

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentines Day Photography

This was easy.  A couple pink paper hearts, tape, and some willing kids!

(Some were better than others... haha!)

It even worked for the 6-week-old!! (Although I should've taken out that darn pacifier!)

I added little messages to them and sent them to all our family members to celebrate Valentines Day! Cute!

Friday, February 7, 2014

School Valentines Ideas

We're a week from Valentines Day, so it was time to make some valentines to hand out to my daughter's Kindergarten class!  We always try to do cheap, non-candy options because kids get enough candy as it is!

Last year we did glow sticks.  Get the free printable at:

And this year she chose silly straws that say, "Sip Sip HOORAY! It's Valentine's Day!" Get the free printable: Kinzie's Kreations