Monday, June 9, 2014

Smores In The Oven

I did it.  I just made smores in my oven and it's not even winter.  It's actually a beautiful, spring evening.  Why did I make smores in my oven?  Because we had all the ingredients, three of the four kids were in bed, and I wanted smores!

And you know what?  They were delicious. 

Step One:  Purchase marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate for planned camp out. (Make sure you purchase enough to fulfill one {or two} surprise cravings before said camp out.)

Step Two: Turn your oven broiler on low.  (A broiler is just like a campfire, only upside down!)   Cut your marshmallow in half and place sticky side down on one graham cracker.  (Or two.... you might as well enjoy this craving to its fullest!)  Put it on a pan and stick it in the broiler for approximately five minutes.  Watch it carefully, so it doesn't melt or burn!

Note: Some people put the chocolate in the oven as well, but that was far too melt-y for me!  The chocolate will still melt instantly upon touching the warm marshmallow, just like it does around the campfire! 

Step Three: Take graham cracker / marshmallow out of oven, add chocolate and another graham cracker.

Step Four: Eat and enjoy!!

... then decide whether or not you'll admit you had this guilty snack to your husband when he gets home! Haha!

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